Lacey turns three! {Birthday photos at Stillmeadow Park, York PA}

Happy Monday, everyone!! I photographed Lacey this summer for her birthday- she turned three in August! Talk about a big girl!! Lacey nailed every pose that we tried at our birthday mini session and is quickly getting used to being behind the lens! Our birthday session took place at one of my favorite parks in York, Pennsylvania. I use this park a lot for my children and family sessions and I just love it for it's beautiful scenery and lighting. For this session with Lacey, I provided some balloons, and Allison (Lacey's Mommy), brought the tee shirt with the number "3"  on it for Lacey to wear. 

Lacey is so cute and I love having her as a model for Bonnets & Bow Ties Photography! She was my model once before when we met at a Wildflower field in Lititz, PA; I still have people visit my blog and view those sessions and mention how pretty the flowers look. You can view Lacey's Wildflower field session here. Last summer I photographed Allison's family for their family portraits, and they will be meeting me again for their Fall pictures when the leaves turn into their rich Autumn colors! I cannot wait to work with the Griffin Family again!

Let me show you a few shots from the birthday session.


Haha, it's like she's proclaiming to the world that she is THREE!

I am three!

"So what if I am three??" Ha!!

children's session in york pa

This is Allison's favorite photo of the session. Can you see why?? LOVE!


That is all of them! Mini sessions are perfect for one or two children. If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer, I can be contacted HERE or at 

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*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children and family photography in York, PA*

Golden hour children's session in a flower field- Lititz, PA

Golden hour children's session


When you see a stunning location such as this field in Lititz, PA, you want to tell everyone about it! If you are photographer or just someone with an artistic eye, chances are good that you will fall in love with this spot. Lots of people heard about this Lancaster County gem because whenever we went to it, tons of people were there! While I typically meet my clients in York, PA, I was anxious to take as many pictures at this field as I could. Lancaster County is truly just amazing!! I am so pleased to show you some images today that I took when the flowers were still blooming. Since I went there so much to photograph my children, don't miss the blog posts below as well, where I have them featured :) Any time I get to promote my beautiful babies, I will! 

I went to the Wildflower field at least six times and each time I went, I just felt like there were so many artistic opportunities, so with that in mind, I opened my schedule to accept some models. Children are my favorite subjects, so when Allison offered to let me photograph her daughter, Lacey, I was just so thrilled for the chance make some gorgeous images! It's just so dreamy and perfect there! Add a beautiful subject along with the golden light and flowers and you have a recipe for stunning photos. Lacey is going to be three this month and I know her Mommy through York's chapter of MOMS Club of York. And this isn't the first time I've had Lacey in front of my lens! Last year Allison hired me to photograph her family. We had our session at Stillmeadow Park in York, PA. One shot from that session which I adore is with Lacey and her Daddy :)

Now on to all the dreamy pictures that I took of Lacey, haha! I know I talk too much! Writing all of this out actually takes longer to type than loading the images on my website images does. Take a look at Princess Lacey!


Lacey loved running through the flowers!

If possible, I always ask Mom or Dad to jump in for a shot. Here is Princess Lacey and her Mommy :)

Family photography york pa

A huge THANK YOU to Allison and Lacey for making the trip to Lititz, PA for these amazing shots. This whole session was PERFECT! Everything that I love! If you would like to contact me about a session, please don't hesitate as I have limited availability. I love photographing babies, children and their families. Mini Sessions start at $125 + tax and full sessions for whole families start at $250 + tax. 

Family trip to Barefoot Farms

Last week my family went to Barefoot Farms, in Dover, Pa. It was a nice ride, kind of outside of York, but still within enough distance that we weren't driving all over the county or anything crazy! It seems like the farm is tucked away nicely from busy roads and streets, and from our family living so close to urban communities, I do forget how beautiful PA is in the summer! We arrived there and quickly realized that there was a storm coming, but still were able to pick strawberries, eat some ice cream, stand in front of the enormous fan and let the kids stick their heads in the giant strawberry figures. I loved the country atmosphere; it was almost tempting to sit on the porch swing along with Sophia, but I was not sure whether we were technically even allowed on their porch! I loved the house though, because it reminded me of a bed and breakfast. They sell herbs from their garden and have U pick gardens for strawberries and raspberries. Here are some fun pictures from our day!

Sophia's face when picking the strawberries :)

I loved the sky that day when the storm was nearing us.....

I am a sucker for close ups and little details!

I got so many pictures of her and this fan. She didn't know what to do with it at first. I guess it was just so much bigger than she was, and she hadn't gotten close to a fan so enormous before. I am sure she was wondering why water was leaking from it! After some convincing from myself, she got used to it and played with it and got very wet. 

Annnd then there was an ice cream and sandwich stand! Heaven! Can I discuss vanilla ice cream sundae, topped with strawberries? If I don't order something with chocolate, you better believe, I will be ordering something with fruit on it! Daddy got mint chocolate chip and Soph got a chocolate sundae.

Barefoot Farms bonnets & bow ties photography

Also- the adorable signs were so fun!

How cute is she on that bench?

one fun photo to end the post ;)

family photography at Barefoot Farms

Father's Day

I wanted to being my journey in the blogging world talking about my husband for a minute. Since I am fairly new to using my website, I'm still learning the ins and outs of it. So far, I think I've done pretty well for myself and have managed to get it running under two days. In usual Angela fashion, I normally am not satisfied with something immediately, so I won't be shocked if I decide to change my website format at least once again this month! So back to my husband, Justin since this post was about him! I know it's not exactly his birthday or our Anniversary, but I wanted to say that first and foremost, I am lead to say those cliche words that aren't spoken enough by me: He's a great husband, life partner, and Father to our children! I really feel like in my heart we were meant to meet and fall in love and truly feel as though Justin and I compliment one another. Plus, who else would bring me endless food and coffee when I'm breastfeeding our baby and can't quite get up to make myself food! There's nothing he wouldn't do for his family, and his wife. I thought I'd post some photos from our Daddy & Me photography session we did last month here in York, PA. All the photographs were taken at Kiwanis Lake.