Family trip to Barefoot Farms

Last week my family went to Barefoot Farms, in Dover, Pa. It was a nice ride, kind of outside of York, but still within enough distance that we weren't driving all over the county or anything crazy! It seems like the farm is tucked away nicely from busy roads and streets, and from our family living so close to urban communities, I do forget how beautiful PA is in the summer! We arrived there and quickly realized that there was a storm coming, but still were able to pick strawberries, eat some ice cream, stand in front of the enormous fan and let the kids stick their heads in the giant strawberry figures. I loved the country atmosphere; it was almost tempting to sit on the porch swing along with Sophia, but I was not sure whether we were technically even allowed on their porch! I loved the house though, because it reminded me of a bed and breakfast. They sell herbs from their garden and have U pick gardens for strawberries and raspberries. Here are some fun pictures from our day!

Sophia's face when picking the strawberries :)

I loved the sky that day when the storm was nearing us.....

I am a sucker for close ups and little details!

I got so many pictures of her and this fan. She didn't know what to do with it at first. I guess it was just so much bigger than she was, and she hadn't gotten close to a fan so enormous before. I am sure she was wondering why water was leaking from it! After some convincing from myself, she got used to it and played with it and got very wet. 

Annnd then there was an ice cream and sandwich stand! Heaven! Can I discuss vanilla ice cream sundae, topped with strawberries? If I don't order something with chocolate, you better believe, I will be ordering something with fruit on it! Daddy got mint chocolate chip and Soph got a chocolate sundae.

Barefoot Farms bonnets & bow ties photography

Also- the adorable signs were so fun!

How cute is she on that bench?

one fun photo to end the post ;)

family photography at Barefoot Farms

Father's Day

I wanted to being my journey in the blogging world talking about my husband for a minute. Since I am fairly new to using my website, I'm still learning the ins and outs of it. So far, I think I've done pretty well for myself and have managed to get it running under two days. In usual Angela fashion, I normally am not satisfied with something immediately, so I won't be shocked if I decide to change my website format at least once again this month! So back to my husband, Justin since this post was about him! I know it's not exactly his birthday or our Anniversary, but I wanted to say that first and foremost, I am lead to say those cliche words that aren't spoken enough by me: He's a great husband, life partner, and Father to our children! I really feel like in my heart we were meant to meet and fall in love and truly feel as though Justin and I compliment one another. Plus, who else would bring me endless food and coffee when I'm breastfeeding our baby and can't quite get up to make myself food! There's nothing he wouldn't do for his family, and his wife. I thought I'd post some photos from our Daddy & Me photography session we did last month here in York, PA. All the photographs were taken at Kiwanis Lake.