Meet Katie: Two year old girl session- York, PA Children's Photographer at a Wildflower field

We are getting packed for the beach so I am working a little bit today on some things before we head out to the ocean in the morning. It sure does seem like there are so many things that need to be done but I'm devoted to my work and fortunately for me, I get to once again revisit these adorable pictures. Not a bad gig for me, right? Today I have a set of gorgeous images from a shoot that I did in July to show you all! This summer I did a series of sessions at The Wildflower field in Lititz PA, and while I typically meet clients in York, Pennsylvania, I will from time to time travel to locations such as this fabulous place if they are within reasonable driving distance! One of the clients who met me at this flower field last month was my friend Sarah! She and I met through MOMS Club of York, here in our town. My post today is featuring Sarah's little girl, Katie. Katie is two years old, and growing so fast just like her big brothers, Hunter and Ryan! It's exciting to be able to provide these images for Sarah.

I present to you, Miss. Katie! I always try to include one close up portrait of my clients! I think we nailed it!

I think she loved the flowers; It was obvious to all of us! Haha!

I knew that as soon as I edited the photo below, it would be added to the gallery of images on my website. How stunning!! You just cannot recreate this shot!

I will always take the opportunity to take a portrait in front of a sunset!! And it warms my heart that Katie is so happy. I absolutely LOVE this! We kept making her giggle! What a beautiful photo to add to her Mommy's gallery.

Well I hope that you loved my pictures today and will stop back to see my future posts! I had a blast working with Sarah and her family! If you would like more information about scheduling a session with me, I'd be more than happy to reply to your message which you can send through my CONTACT/ BOOK A SESSION page. Mini sessions begin at $125 + tax and full sessions for families begin at $250!  There is a $10% coupon applied for returning clients for full one hour sessions, booked by September. Thank you for stopping by!! ~ Angela

The Wildflowers

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a great Friday. I'm busy this summer with activities for my kids and my business is getting busy! It's a good summer to have things to do! Photographers are always searching for locations and I have found the golden ticket! This is basically my dream place to shoot! My kids have come to this magical place several times and I've photographed some awesome clients as well. Child photography is so much fun for me and this location makes things so pretty. It's not too far from York, Pa either, if you are interested in a Wildflower session, it's best to book one with me before they start to wilt. The flowers look okay right now, at the moment but I would schedule a session as soon as you can, if you are interested in meeting me! 

The nice part about this field is that right around sunset, sometimes the sun hits the horizon and makes things even more perfect! See in the first photo how the sun was setting right at the top of the frame? LOVE it!! I could probably stare at the photo below all day. I'm getting a huge canvas for my house. It truly is a dream come true as a photographer and artist when everything you want in a photo happens just perfectly!

Something that I specialize in is children's portraits. If there are key elements in nature, it's fun to capture them exploring so I usually give children slight direction and then capture what they see. Sophia couldn't stop staring at the beautiful flowers, and who could blame her!

I just think Sophia is so pretty. I'm happy to have her model for me and she is always a willing participant :) Modeling was my Mama's first job! It runs in the family. Isn't she stunning??

Pink tones are so pretty, even my little guy is surrounded by pink! Look at him in his overalls. He's sweet as sugar, my Ryan guy. 

To end the night, my kiddos were sharing clover. Aren't they so sweet? And that sky was real!

If you or anyone you know is looking for a photographer in the York, Pa area, I have a contact tab at the top. My phone number is 717-283-5751 and direct email is I love working with babies, children and their families and would love to chat with you if your family wants some photographs to have as keepsakes! I look forward to hearing from you :)



*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children and family photography in York, PA*