Cherry Blossom children session in York PA

From time to time I find those unique spots nobody else knows about, and I kind of feel like I’m in my own Fairytale! This spot is an exceptional place that transforms into a pink wonderland. My first image was actually taken four years ago and I still share it because I can’t re-create it ever, since my kids were babies back then. Enjoy!

This year I was fortunate enough to get back to this spot with my kids. It’s just a wonderful experience to see all this pink around you. And fun for kids because they get to pick up some petals. I love the backlighting here which is why my kids didn’t move around much. That light was yummy! Thank you for checking out my blog once again, hope you enjoy!

photographer in york haven pa.jpg

Those green orbs are lens flares! Pretty cool!

The next photo was taken on a different day…the lighting and coloring is very different!

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