Senior Pictures- Central York Class of 2020

I am so happy to show these images to you guys!! Maddy is a senior this year and wanted me to take her portraits!! I was so flattered to be asked to do these! Maddy teaches at my kids’ dance studio and my kids love her. She is such a delight to be around and always so happy, so when she asked me to take her senior portraits, I knew we would get lots of good shots. I knew as long as I got the lighting right and my camera settings perfect that she’d do the rest and shine! She is so photogenic.

Displayed below are the first set of Maddy’s senior portraits. We almost got rained out that night but the rain stopped and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Since she has danced her whole life, we are planning on taking more pictures later on at other time as well with her ballet shoes.

If you need senior portraits, the best time to do them is now, right before your senior year.

flower box wall backdrop.jpg
senior pictures taken at grey apple market.jpg
york pa senior photographer.jpg
senior photographer in york pa.jpg

Just beautiful!

photo session at john rudy park.jpg
senior pictures at john rudy park.jpg
girl senior photo shoot.jpg
senior session in a garden.jpg

So pretty!

york pa photo shoot at john rudy park.jpg
photo shoot in gardens.jpg
senior photo shoot at john rudy park.jpg
senior photo shoot at grey apple market.jpg

So fun! The best personality!!

portrait of girl in a garden.jpg

Thank you so much for meeting me a few weeks ago so we could take these!!

Big thank you for Grey Apple Market for letting us come and use your location.

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