York PA Children's Photographer {Trip to Strasburg Railroad}

I really enjoy taking my kids on new adventures! I often take my camera along too. I will spend hours on my photography each week and many times our trips involve a small photo shoot with my kids because they are great models for me and I learn a lot by having them stand in really good light. Thank you to everyone who continually checks my blog and appreciates my work because a lot of my time and energy goes into my art and I love sharing it! So last month we went on a train ride at the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster PA. It was so worth the money and the drive to get there. I loved driving around Lancaster and nearby towns. Hope you all enjoy these photos! Since we were on the last train of the day, the station was pretty abandoned when business ended.

I loved the look of this cute platform area……

york pa children's photographer.jpg
photo session at strasburg railroad.jpg
boy and girl pose at train station.jpg

And then they saw a horse and buggy!

horse and buggy.jpg

Oh Miss. Soph!

girl posing on train.jpg
family photographer in york pa.jpg
york pa photographer.jpg
boy jumping off of platform.jpg

Still had some pretty light at the end of the night…

girl posing at train station in lancaster pa.jpg

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