York PA Children's Photographer {Back to School Session}

Oh gosh, I don't think anything really prepares you for your child's next big milestone. I feel like my kid needs me less and less and is not a baby anymore. It is bittersweet for sure. But, I have never seen Sophia so excited to go to school. I am so glad she loves to go and it sounds like everyone is learning and having fun. Her class had a "Happy New Year" party on Friday, I mean how cool is that!? Last night was Open House night at school and Sophia took me all around her school to say hello to her old teachers, and the music teacher. She is so excited and proud. She marched right to her classroom and said "Mom, look, did you see that picture of me" when we watched a slideshow of pictures from the first week of school!

  I decided that in August we would go out a couple times, just to take a few pictures for "back to school" and it turned into something completely awesome because I have lots to chose from! Also these are great for my portfolio and a nice opportunity to show off some different ideas that bounced around my head for the beginning of school excitement. As a family and children's photographer I thought maybe one day I could start offering back to school mini sessions but for now I am not sure! I hope you all really like these. Sophia is a second grader now! It goes way too fast!!

I found this image tonight and it broke my heart. But, I thought I would show it for comparison. She was five!

children's photographer Lake Redman.jpg

And NOW, ugh :( Who told her to get so big! I have flashes of the future here years from now when she is a Senior in H.S. Make it stop, lol!

children's photography session at Forge Hill Orchards.jpg
children's photographer in york pa.jpg

Totally her idea!

back to school photo session.jpg
back to school session.jpg

I was lucky enough to use this sunflower field once before it was gone!

portrait session in sunflowers.jpg
girl holding a purple balloon.jpg

A few weeks ago we went to a tiny park in Manchester and I brought these props. I'd say she poses well doesn't she?

girl holding a pen.jpg
girl holding a purse and notebook.jpg

And the session wouldn't be complete without a stop at the school!

back to school session

Finally the first day! We went shopping the night before and she loved this backpack so we bought it. She was so excited to walk to school!

girl with purple backpack.jpg

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