Children's Photographer in York PA {July 4th mini session}

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a nice day today! I am stopping by my blog tonight to post about the July 4th pictures that I took of my kids two weeks ago! I try to take a unique photo of my kids for each Holiday. It's just a fun way to play around with some ideas, in the event I ever decide to do the same types of pictures for clients. This is my way of rehearsing and learning what works and what I need to improve on! My children are good cooperative models for me! 

So, for this year's July 4th mini session, I took my kids to John Rudy Park for some "fancy" pictures of them. Since it was hot out, I went with the popsicle idea... it was a good idea in theory because the popsicles are red, white and blue.... One thing I learned, no- TWO things that learned that popsicles were really small and melted almost right away.  I should have bought the kind of pops that are like two pops stuck together with two sticks, if that makes sense. They melted really fast and the color disappeared. If I had to do it again, I would definitely have had my husband come with me and hand them the pops once I was ready to take the photos instead of handing them their pops and running back to set up my camera settings..... I tried to get the kids to stop eating them when the red color disappeared but they just looked at me like I couldn't be serious, haha!

This was last year's July 4th image from me.........I still love it! Oh my goodness, he is wearing the same shirt in this year's photos!

july fourth image with coca cola bottles.jpg

This year. Sophia and I hopped out of the car and I took this one! I had to snap one with those pretty flowers behind her.

children's photographer in york pa.jpg

And the popsicle pictures...........

fourth of july photo session.jpg
sibling photo session for summer.jpg
popsicle mini session fourth of july.jpg

The boy with the curly golden hair.......

familly photographer in york pa.jpg
boy wearing red stripped tank top.jpg
boy laughing holding a popsicle.jpg

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