York PA Children's Photographer- Trip to Barefoot Farm in Dover PA

Hi guys! Sorry it has been a few weeks since updating the blog. I am just catching up from my June photos. This summer we took a trip to Barefoot Farm in Dover PA where my children and I had a really enjoyable time picking strawberries and eating ice cream! We went three years ago and I photographed our time there as well. It's just such a nice place to unwind if you want to get away and breathe some country air! One day I would LOVE to run an ice cream shop somewhere like this, open to the public with a playground nearby. I hope you all love these images. Click here to see photos from our trip three years ago!  Farm trip from 2015 

So I wanted to begin saying that Sophia has really taken an interest in photography. I am teaching her how to compose a shot, move the focus points and now she has figured out that changing the shutter speed changes how much light goes into the lens. Nearly every time I have my camera out she is trying to steal it from me! I will tell you which pictures she took at Barefoot Farm....

The farm has an adorable home on the land, and as you drive up you will see the store on the opposite side. 

Barefoot Farm.jpg

I love the blue sky here....They just love running like all kids do and this was a perfect setting for that!

children playing in a field.jpg
dover pa photographer.jpg
york pa photographer.jpg

I love the vibrant colors here!

strawberry photography.jpg
bunches of strawberries.jpg

Gotta examine all the goods, lol!

strawberry picking at barefoot farm.jpg
family photographer in york pa.jpg

My daughter took this one! Are you surprised? I was impressed that it turned out so well and was so sharp.

boy wearing blue and white striped shirt.jpg
field of strawberries at barefoot farm.jpg

And Sophia also took this. She said it was very cool that what she saw in real life was what showed up on the camera after she took the photo.

family photography in york pa.jpg

Um the best part of the trip!

ice cream stand at barefoot farm.jpg
boy eating ice cream at barefoot farm.jpg
playground at barefoot farm

That tire swing was tons of fun. My kids want a big tree with a tire swing.

My favorite image from this whole set. It screams childhood!

girl pushing boy on a tire swing.jpg

Had to take this again, lol!

barefoot farms.jpg
Barefoot farms in Dover PA

The owners sell fruit by the quart, potted plants, and more goodies.....

store at barefoot farms.jpg
Dover PA strawberry stand.jpg

They did not want to leave the farm ......

children's photographer in york haven pa.jpg

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