Children's photo shoot at John Rudy Park- York PA Photographer

One of the more enjoyable aspects of photography that I have enjoyed is getting the chance to play around with light! One night last week we had a storm roll in.... I love thunderstorms! My daughter had to go to bed so she stayed home with my husband and my son Ryan and I went to John Rudy Park to walk around for a bit. We arrived at the park around 7:50 pm and the sun was already behind the trees at that point. The light wasn't my ideal because I felt like some spots were so flat but it was still kind of fun to work with! I had to place Ryan in front of the light in some of these because it just was so dark.

The first image was my favorite. My boy is just so cute and handsome!

portrait of a toddler boy.jpg

I let Ryan run and play.  When I called his name he knew to stop and pose though, haha.

golden hour portrait of a young boy.jpg
black and white portrait of a child.jpg

I loved how cool the lighting looked here.

photographer in york pa.jpg
photo shoot at john rudy park.jpg

He had to show off his muscles!

children's session at john rudy park.jpg

We saw some geese!

geese flying overhead.jpg
photo of geese flying.jpg
two geese flying in the sky.jpg

Such a sweetheart!

black & white portrait in emigsville.jpg

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