Well Hello Gorgeous! Teen/ Tween portrait session {Overlook Park in Lancaster county}

I really wanted to write this blog post and I am excited that the edits on these images are done! This was a new opportunity for me and a pretty cool way to give back to the community. I am in tons and tons of Facebook photography groups and in one particular group, I saw that another photographer needed help so I jumped at the chance to assist however I could! Kate Martin is a fellow photographer from Lancaster County and thought of this whole idea. Kate planned to host a photo session for all of her church youth group girls. She has been working with the girls to teach them self esteem and thought that what better way to show these girls that they are beautiful on the outside than to help them get pampered for a photo shoot. We wanted the girls to see their images and feel beautiful and confident. I would have loved to have this when I was in my awkward teenage years! But since it was a huge undertaking the day of the photo shoot, Kate needed another photographer to divide and conquer.  There were nine girls total and the park we used was huge so if there had only been one photographer, it would have taken a lot longer. On one Saturday evening in April, we teamed up at Overlook Park in Lancaster. I was happy to help to offer my services and it was a super cool way to stretch my abilities. My daughter came with me to watch and all the girls thought was she super cute! These pictures in the blog post were all taken by myself. Kate also took lots and lots of images which the parents were able to view through an online gallery. I really enjoyed doing this project. Older kids listen a lot better than little kids too, ha. Hope everyone loves these! Thank you for stopping.

See? Gorgeous and model ready, ha

girl modeling in white.jpg

The girls really thought this valley of rocks was so cool!

girl wearing white sitting on rocks.jpg
portrait session teen girl wearing black sitting on rocks.jpg

Such a beautiful young lady!

senior portrait session york pa.jpg

With the pretty pink buds and pretty girl, this had to be a spot that I used!

york pa photographer.jpg
girl posing against grey wall.jpg
best friend photo session.jpg
best friends pose against grey wall.jpg
photographer in york pa.jpg

The ladies loved getting a fun group shot!

teen girls portrait session.jpg
tween photo session.jpg
tween photography session.jpg
teen girls posing against rock wall.jpg

                        My daughter wanted to be in one picture, hehe.                     

child photo session.jpg

Well thank you for checking out this newest post!! I enjoy sharing my images from time to time as you can see!

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*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children, teens, and family photography in York and Lancaster