My own Target Photoshoot {York, PA}

Shopping at Target is like my Mom getaway...I can't always spend what I want or go alone without kids, but being there is always a good time! I saw photographers doing their own photo shoots at these stores and I wanted to get in on the fun! Let me present to you my Sophia, in Target, on a Sunday afternoon!


Yes the shopping cart is just about as tall as she is...

Shopping at Target- photo shoot.jpg
little girl shopping at Target.jpg

I wish I could buy everything in the home section, just saying.....

She did earn a toy for being a great participant!

There is a new line of home goods there and one could really get into trouble if they stayed long enough...

children's session in Target- York PA.jpg
family photographer in york pa.jpg
Little girl holding heart pllow.jpg

She bought two nail polish colors and is now obsessed..

girl buying nail polish for photo shoot in york pa.jpg
girl looking a nail polish at Target.jpg
photo session at Target.jpg
york pa photographer.jpg

My kids always want to sit in these giant shopping baskets and I always tell them they can't so when we went that day I thought it would be funny to let her do it one time... of course as we did this an employee just walked by us, lol!

black and white photo of a girl in Target- York PA.jpg

We ended our night with an ICEE drink for her and nothing from Starbucks for me since it was getting late and I don't need the caffeine, lol

girl drinking soda at Target.jpg

Well thank you for checking out this newest post!! I enjoy sharing my images from time to time as you can see.  If I can brighten someone's day with these, my job is done! 

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