Happy Birthday!

So many mixed emotions this week as my kids turn one year older! Ryan and Sophia are very excited to get older but part of me is a little sad. Where did my babies go? Well at least we can all celebrate with lots of cake right? I just thought I would add a few pictures of them through the years! Sophia turned eight on Tuesday and Ryan turned four today! Such a big jump from four years ago when I brought my sweet baby boy home! Well you all know I document everything with photographs so be prepared for a long post! Luckily I got a good camera once my oldest was two but the ones before then aren’t really the best.

The can’t wait to have a birthday party tomorrow.

So, this was Sophia right after she was born. Such sweet cheeks.

Two year old girl portrait

Three years old! So much amazing hair!

three year old girl

Four years!

four year old birthday party

Five years old! Notice I was finally understanding light a little better too……

five year old photo shoot

Six years old!

girls-in-pretty-dresses-york pa.jpg

Seven years old!

photo session in york pa.jpg

And 8!!

eight year old photo shoot

And sweet Ryan.

birth photography at york hospital.jpg
mother holding newborn baby at fresh 48 session.jpg
newborn photographer in york pa.jpg
baby boy wrapped in white wrap.jpg
baby in a wheat field
little boy playing on floor

Four years old!!

portrait of a boy wearing blue.jpg

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