Baby Ryan....some of my own images of his birth {Birth Photography in York PA}

Our son Ryan is now three years old and I guess I never blogged the images from when he was born. He was perfect. Everything went so well!! I couldn't have been happier too!  Now you ask....why post these three years later? Well, now that I am very serious about customers being able to find me when they search online for "Photographers in York PA", I try to blog about everything that I am interested in photographing. If you are pregnant and would like your birth photographed, I would love to chat! At the moment I am taking on clients who have scheduled inductions.  I wish I could take everyone and my goal is that someday I will be in a better position to be on call and work at all hours and days of the week!

So onto the images!

I'm really proud of these images! Justin took the pictures immediately after Ryan was born when he was being weighed and  checked. I photographed our Fresh 48 photos in the recovery room and  Justin took the images of us together on the bed. Having a birth photographer nearby when you deliver your baby can ensure that those first tender moments when your baby enters the world will be documented! It is really nice to see these pictures once again. When I was editing yesterday, our daughter asked me if I had any pictures like these from when she was born. I told her we took some but they aren't as good, but what matters is that we do have some pictures! I added a few from my delivery with her at the end of this post.  Always cherish any pictures you take when you have a baby! I only wish we had someone take photos of all of us together but that is okay. Maybe next time ;)

photographer for births in york pa.jpg
birth photography at york hospital.jpg

He loved me from the second he was born!

birth photographer in york haven pa.jpg
birth photography in york pa.jpg

It's a great feeling when everything is over, lol!

mother holding baby right after delivery at york hospital.jpg
mother holding newborn baby at fresh 48 session.jpg
fresh 48 photography.jpg

I really enjoyed taking his newborn pictures. He was beautiful!

newborn baby boy.jpg
lifestyle newborn photography.jpg
newborn photographer in york pa (2).jpg
newborn photographer in york pa.jpg
baby boy wrapped in white wrap.jpg

I had to include the sibling shots!! She was so excited!

sibling holding newborn baby brother.jpg
newborn photographer york haven pa.jpg
photographer in york pa.jpg
newborn sibling photo shoot.jpg

Miss Soph, born on 10-9-10


Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed these photos!!

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*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children and family photography in York and Lancaster PA.