A new home for us!

Happy Monday to you all!! I am visiting my website today to share images of my children in our new home. We moved to York Haven one month ago. It's been a little overwhelming for me because I love routine but a set schedule is out the window when you are unpacking and have a life to live. However, today I feel like I'm finally at a place that I can sit down and type some things out and know that our kids don't need me (at the moment) and my housework is caught up for a second!

Our 6 year old, Sophia, attends a new school and we are all just so happy about it! She has always been smart and is blessed with beauty (I always think anyway). Sophia was attending a city school before and the class size at her old school was high. There were also so many kids, all at different levels. I remember when I subbed Kindergarten how stressful it was when I didn't know the routine so I'm sure her teacher had to be very vigilant about schedules and rules to maintain a peaceful learning environment. We are all so happy to see Sophia love her new school though. She gets up every morning in such a great mood. She still talks about her old friends though so that makes me a little sad. Ryan our youngest still attends preschool twice a week and as always, still maintains his status as my cute wild little man who is a Mama's boy through and through.

I am taking a few clients per month and plan on being busy in the spring. I am still in driving distance to John Rudy Park! Justin is working in Dover and loves his job as a Quality Engineer. 

These images won't win me any awards or anything but they were kind of fun to take. First I must include a photo which was taken in York from one day in January when we got some snow. The rest are from our new house. I have a prettier house now so I will be taking advantage of it and my kids don't mind at all.

snow in york pa

I believe what happened here went something like, he pooped and needed a bath and the light in the kitchen was pretty...........Ryan hated it, ha!

bath lifestyle in york haven
toddler bath york pa

He really thinks he's big stuff....ha.

lifestyle toddler playing
toddler drinking a sippy

I wanted to play with the light with this one and thought it looked pretty cool!

toddler lifestyle
little girl eating a doughnut lifestyle
sunflare-little girl-bedroom-lifestyle

I have Princess and Tinkerbell things on Sophia's side of the room.

little girl reading in room

Ryan woke up and was still a little sleepy. If I remember correctly, he wasn't feeling good that day,

toddler playing york pa

Soph loves to write. She'd write things out all day I think if she could.

Baby loves to sleep in my bed.

sleeping toddler lifestyle on bed
sleeping toddler in york haven

Ryan loves to laugh

laughing toddler couch

We had maybe two feet of snow one week ago.

snow york haven girl
snow day york haven.jpg