Children's portraits in the home setting {in York, PA}

Hello! I wanted to share a couple pictures that I found on my computer. From time to time, I go through my files and try to delete some that are terrible, whether they are blurry, out of focus or poorly exposed. Occasionally I will find some images that, for one reason or another, I did not edit or thought they just did not turn out. I'm glad I found these. It really makes me appreciate the summer light. It's winter now and very rarely do I find such strong light hit this side of my house. The month that these were taken was September 2015. Ryan was such a tiny squishy little baby. It makes me remember once again why I'm obsessed with babies. Because the time in which they are so little will not last long and in a second they are toddlers and loose that baby chub. Sophia had such a round little face, and I miss that. So, Enjoy!

Black & White image of little girl in York PA
color version of baby, sitting
black and white photo of sitter baby in York PA

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