December {in York, PA}

Hello! I hope that everyone is having a good start to the year. I know that December is in the past but I absolutely have to show some photos of my family from December and somehow I am just now getting around to blogging these. I will blame it on the endless sickness we have had, but we're getting better! Let me begin with a few before photos that I took before Christmas....

When I was thinking about our Christmas cards, I thought it would be nice to have a portrait of Sophia on the card. I had an idea to drive down Market Street in the City of York and attempt something with the huge Christmas tree right there at the square as my backdrop. Finding adequate parking was tricky because I didn't want us to have to walk very far in the cold. Getting a photo that I consider a keeper was also very difficult because I had to move Sophia around a lot before I felt like I was going to get something with nice composition and it was so cold! Most street photography is done with a long lens to help the background look blurry. Here I was using my 85mm lens. I love it! And most of all my beautiful daughter is the perfect model!

Little Girl in the City read dress and Christmas tree
little girl modeling red dress in York City

You all know I love a good portrait of my two kids together. I used this one on our Christmas cards as well.

Christmas portrait girl and boy red dress

On Christmas Eve we went to the square in Hanover to see Santa. Seeing Santa might have been free to the public but we earned it because of how cold it was that night! Our kids just kept waiting for the line to keep moving and eventually we got to the beginning of the line after about 50 minutes. Oh and also I have to say that because it was night time, these photos are very noisy. I do not use flash.

black and white, waiting for Santa
picture of the square in Hanover, PA
Santa's cabin in Hanover, PA

They had huge cannons which provided for some climbing while we waited, and waited......

little girl sitting on a cannon
picture of father and son in Hanover PA
black and white of little girl
door decorated for christmas, wreath

And then we got to the cabin where Santa was and naturally Ryan wanted nothing to do with him until he bribed Ryan with some snacks...haha

boy meeting Santa, UTZ potato chips

Um, Dad, can you come get me?

boy with Santa

We told her to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas, ha.

girl with Satna black and white

There they are, so happy!

boy and girl with Santa

On Christmas Day, we stayed home. It was nice and relaxing to do things when we wanted to with no particular schedule. I dressed Sophia and Ryan up and they were so patient with me as I made my coffee and grabbed my camera. 

Sophia LOVED her Our Generation girl doll from Target. She was elated and so surprised!

little girl opening doll at Christmas

My Mom got them the 'Finding Dory' DVD & I got Ryan a little baby doll.

Ryan got a Nerf gun. Of course he loved it!

little boy opening nerf gun on christmas day.jpg
little girl opening christmas presents.jpg

Soph loved the Barbie and horse that she opened.

pink Barbie horse Christmas Day

Since Ryan loves to hit things, I thought it would be a good idea to get him a tool set. ha!

toddler boy opening tool table
boy and girl opening christmas stocking

My sister Bre and her boyfriend Zach got them pets. Yes, pretend pets, not the real thing, thank goodness, lol!

opening pet gifts on christmas

Some sweet happy kids on Christmas :)

girl and boy by christmas tree.jpg

I loved the turkey we made. It tasted so delish. YUM!

oven roasted turkey

If you made it to the end THANK YOU! I know my post had lots and lots of pictures to look at. If you or anyone you know would like to hire a baby, child or family photographer, my contact email address is: