Two adorable siblings- mini photoshoot in York, PA- at Stillmeadow Park

Hi Ya'll! I feel like it's been several weeks since I blogged. Life has gotten in the way of letting me sit and get some work done... can anyone relate to that? LOL. Today I'm showing you images that I took of just a quick mini session with my own children a few days ago in York, Pa. I take so many photos of them- like you have no idea. When I have some down time from my business, I practice on my kids. My husband complains about the number of pictures which I take it because it takes up so much computer storage, but all that to say, if you feel like you see pictures of my kids of Facebook a lot, just remember that I have more that I don't show anyone just sitting on my computer hard drive, haha. I will hopefully post a few from the York Fair, if I ever get around to finishing those edits....someday...

So I feel like getting a little emotional in my post today because as you know, I do take lots and lots of pictures. People ask me all the time, "how do you get them to cooperate?" "how do you get them to smile?" "where do you buy their clothes?" And I know sometimes they are thinking in their heads, "Wow, these picture must look like that because you have a nice camera"- not true- all my cameras have been several years old. When I bought my first camera four years ago I had no clue as to what to do with it. My oldest certainly did not appreciate getting her photo taken on a daily basis. I have just developed an appreciation for the art over the years and made this profession of mine really like my job, because it is like- my job! We don't have the nicest house, or car, but I decided a long time ago that when we do someday get a nice house, I will have beautiful art to display and this hobby and job of mine is what makes me happy. I enjoy taking my camera with me as we go on walks. I love sunsets! I love photography. I love all of the technical aspects of making a beautiful pictures. I don't have a lot of childhood memories with my parents and I strongly feel that because I don't have lots and lots of memories to draw on, that want to capture all the memories with own children. I, as their mother, want to remember their tiny faces and hands and smiles...and if I keep typing all this sappy stuff I'll end up crying. So. as I was saying- about our own pictures- I LOVE looking for clothing options for the kids. Doing our own family photos has really become kind of exciting to me because I like coordinating the clothes and looking for gorgeous light. As a family it is kind of what we do on a typical evening.  

Anyway, moving along- I have just a few of Sophia and Ryan to show you. These kids are so special to me. We all have our own family issues but I tell ya, seeing these smiles definitely puts me in a great mood because I remember everything about the photo shoot.

children's photography in york pa

Prior to this shot, I was asking them to look at me and smile, and Sophia was so serious, as opposed to Ryan who basically smiles the entire time unless he is trying to run away! To help them, I just asked Soph to talk to him. He was so excited about something he saw over in the trees. I loved the moment I captured because I remember that she was trying to tell him something funny.

boy & girl laughing

And Sophia- who told her to grow up?

Mr. Ryan I adore you. Seriously.

And that's it, guys!

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