Two sisters and their tea set!

Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by! Today I have a special session to show you. This was my first themed shoot and it was a lot of fun to once again work with my friend Chrissie. She asked me if we could have a session just with her daughters together! Grace is the big sister and Savannah just turned one in July. I know Chrissie and her family from the Mom's group she and I are both in- MOMS Club of York! 

The theme of this photo shoot was a tea party, complete with a vintage quilt for Chrissie's girls to sit on and a lovely pink tea set. She purchased those adorable dresses to coordinate with the set up. I just love these images and was excited to try something unique. This first picture is so perfect; Grace sipping her tea and Savannah looking so sweet. Following the first image you will get to see Grace pour her tea. So cute! 

children's photographer in york pa
children's photographer in york pa

And of course, who could resist snapping one when they were looking at their Mama. I loved this one!

I thought this one was perfect because they were looking my direction.

Savannah looked so adorable as always so I photographed her for a bit.

After tea time was finished, we set up under a willow tree. Perfection!!

I always try to provide parents with some children's portraits in their gallery. I thought these were lovely!

    There you have it! Some lovely images for Mom & Dad! 

Thank you for booking with me Chrissie!

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*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children and family photography in York, PA*