Kerry- Headshot session in York, Pennsylvania, at Farquar Park

Today I am so excited to show you some head shots that I took a few weeks ago! I specialize in photographing children and families, but this session was a bit different, in a good way! Several weeks ago my family met up with a pretty gal named Kerry! Kerry is one of my husband's (many) cousins! She and her husband Tom were visiting their families last month so they were up north for a little bit when she asked us if we could meet her for lunch. The day of our lunch date I took Kerry to a park where I did some head shots of her. It was fun! I am always thinking of ways to improve my techniques and really wanted to work with an adult (they won't run away like kids will, Haha!) This was a good opportunity to work one on one with a client and nail down some lighting and posing techniques. 

For the photo shoot we went to Farquar Park in York city and the weather was so amazing. It wasn't long before I saw some nice light and stood Kerry in those spots. I think she and I were pretty happy with our arrangement, too, and as you can tell by the photos, Kerry is super sweet and adorable! I think that I captured her spirit fairly well It's quite obvious she's just perfect and loves the camera!

Portraits at Farquar Park
Portraits at Farquar Park

The park has this nice stone wall and I thought it would look really cute to as a spot for Kerry to sit.

Thank you so much for your time, Kerry! And if you're ever in need of updated pictures, send me a message! It was great seeing that day and we hope you visit again!!

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*Angela is a natural light photographer who specializes in babies, children and family photography in York, PA*